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Poster: HektorT Date: Dec 24, 2009 5:58am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Merry Xmas, Video-Cellar!

Not every country has signed the GATT treaties and follows international copyright laws. If I remember correctly these include countries like Afghanistan, Ethipia and Iran, but there are very few. In countries that are not signatory to the relevant treaties, US copyright laws are not applied to anything. So if a film is made in such a country then inside that country the laws of that country apply; Once it moves outside of the country into another that does follow international conventions, it is a different story.

While I think turkey has signed the treaties, until recently the Turkish government did nothing to enforce international laws with respect to intellectual property. This has begun to change with their aspirations to eU membership. But I think it is still the case that if you go to any big city in turkey, in the markets you can be handed a notebook full of CD/DVD covers from all the most recent releases and buy a pirate copy for $1-$3. You can buy copies of any luxury clothing or goods (often very high quality and sometimes made in the same factories that make the originals apparently).

I hadn't heard of these films but I suppose it is no different. In the event of a film being made in violation of copyright, then that film would not own the intellectual property attached to it and most likely customs would seize it (assuming they could) when it entered the country. Any use of copyrighted elements from such films would still constitute copyright violation. Use of stolen Intellectual Property doesn't transfer any rights to the person using it illegaly and such elements would never be public domain until the underlying IP was actually public domain.

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